Who we are

We are

A group of committed Kolkatans working to shed light both on the past glory of this wondrous city and its current state of ruin. Through this initiative, we highlight the many unique things that make Kolkata and Kolkatans so vibrant and full of joy. Simultaneously, we also wish to bring Kolkatans together to raise their voices against the many issues plaguing the city and holding it back from being the jewel in the crown of India it once was.

Our mission and vision

To rouse the people of Kolkata to take a step towards ridding Kolkata of some of its most prevalent issues pertaining to safety, electricity, culture, jobs, integrity, infrastructure, water and cleanliness.

To bring back the City of Joy to its former magnificence before the city crumbles away and we can only think of her as a city of yore.

Our values

Being socially responsible

Being respectful of the city, its people and their beliefs

Being honest in all our endeavours

Being an active platform for citizen participation