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At Reboot Kolkata we strive to tackle the 8 burning issues in Kolkata, namely safety, electricity, culture, jobs, integrity, infrastructure, water and last but not the least, cleanliness. Taking proactive initiatives on these lines we hope that all of us together can succeed in our mission to revitalise our beloved City of Joy.

Current Initiatives

In a large city like Kolkata, there are thousands of local artisans, vendors, hawkers & small business owners with little access to the digital world & online marketing. At a time of social distancing and isolation, these people are truly stranded. Many of those affected are running deep in debt, and unable to even get new stock to keep their business running. While they wait for long-term relief, there is a crying need for immediate financial aid.

Reboot Kolkata has been helping Kolkatans in various ways. Together, we have impacted the lives of many, and for this, we are keeping a channel of help open to bring much needed funds to those who need it most.

A small contribution from you could be more than just a temporary solution for these businesses. It can actually help them get back on their feet and offer a stable source of livelihood for multiple other families relying on the same business.

Support them now by donating:

Every day, either by the evening news or the morning paper, one finds out about a new incident of violence against women. From rape to domestic abuse to dowry deaths, the list goes on. After the implementation of lockdown caused by the coronavirus, the situation has only worsened. Many of the victims can’t even afford to get themselves treated for the injuries they suffer. They are either refused treatment or the bills for the same are so high that they have no choice left but suffer. Hence we are taking an initiative to support these brave women. Your contributions can help meet the medical expenses of these brave survivors. Let’s help them on their path to recovery and give them a new life. Support them & Donate now

The Kolkata skyline is changing fast. With space at a premium, the city’s architectural heritage is vanishing. Its disappearance, and the abysmal state of old houses, has caused a fair amount of alarm. Many heritage building owners have succumbed to the relentless pressure and inducements offered by builders and sold their old homes. As a result, in several parts of the city, apartment complexes today stand where once airy bungalows and traditional houses celebrated space and time. The destruction of these buildings in Kolkata is destroying the city’s rich historical legacy.

As of now, the future holds little promise for these buildings that represent the past but Reboot Kolkata as an awakened community of Kolkatans has taken this initiative to help these building owners to restore these heritage buildings through fundraising campaign “Oitijjer Songorokhon”. Please support us by donating to preserve these precious heritages of Kolkata.

Those that have not been destroyed already, hope our joint effort will get the restoration it deserves. Donate Now

Reboot Kolkata is a non profit Trust that is a platform to build awareness around and for individuals to raise their voices against injustices we, as citizens of Kolkata face everyday. From collapsing bridges, to rising electricity bills, to brain drain and unemployment to unclean and unsanitary living conditions, there are numerous problems that an ordinary citizen needs to face just to survive in this city. We are working tirelessly to bring a change and depend on your support to continue our work. Our hope is that through your contributions and continued support, we can and will bring in a change for the better in Kolkata! Donate Now

Our Past Initiatives

An initiative to educate the underprivileged children.

In the wake of a cyclone and a pandemic, with the world going online, the underprivileged children need our support to get an education. Take a pledge to Reboot their future and be a blessing to these little ones. After all, education is a right and not a luxury!