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An initiative by Reboot Kolkata to foster the art of giving back to society

About Us:

We are a group of individuals from the City of Joy, Kolkata, who still believe in the essence of Kolkata, its past’s glory and it’s culture’s gravity. We are focused on issues that have tainted the beautiful image of Kolkata and are driven towards rectifying those issues with the help of Kolkatans who wish to revamp our city..

Our Fundraising is one such Crowdsourcing initiative through which we wish to raise funds for organizations/ NGOs that are focused on serving society by working for the deprived and marginalized sections of Kolkata. Every penny raised through this small initiative goes on to saving lives and shaping the livelihoods of the people who need our help.

Current Initiatives

We, as a community, are trying to take small steps towards building a better Kolkata; the Kolkata of our dreams. Through our ‘Ki Bolchhe Kolkata’ survey, we reached out to the citizens of Kolkata and collected what 1.9 lakh Kolkatans think about the state of Infrastructure, Healthcare, Women Safety, Jobs, and education and Administration in the city. Moving ahead, we are launching the biggest initiative to create Kolkata’s Citizen Manifesto, which would serve as the tool to demand political accountability for Kolkata’s progress. For this, we need your support so that we can continue raising the issues faced by Kolkatans, and help develop the ‘Swapner Kolkata’ as per the citizens’ aspirations.

If you like our work, help us grow by making a donation towards our initiative. Please scan the QR code or click the ‘Donate Now’ button to donate us and help us transform our beloved city.

Our Past Initiatives

Ai Pujoye Amra Tomar Paashe

We joined hands with an NGO named ‘Taleem’ and helped them in their initiative to educate the underprivileged children, dwelling on the streets.

In the wake of a cyclone and a pandemic, with the world going online, the underprivileged children were being stripped of their basic right to education. Reboot Kolkata took the pledge to help the NGO in securing the future of the children and to connect fellow Kolkata citizens, who came up to support them and became a blessing to these little ones. After all, education is a right and not a luxury, is what we wanted to remind the city.