The City That Got Left Behind

Kolkata is a city that charms and shocks at the same time. The flamboyant crimson of durga puja, the distinct cacophony of fisherman selling Hilsa, the perfectly arranged rows with heads bowing for sajdah every friday, the whistling of the trams, the makeshift shelter of thousands of slum dwellers, children playing football, the most beautiful pieces of sangeet and literature, and home to many nobel laureates... this city has it all.

Our city has borne witness to both the partition and the renaissance, the rise and fall of industries and the immense struggle of the last few decades. Kolkata is a city that is stuck in time. It's standard of life has continuously and gravely deteriorated over these years... high crime rate against women, scams, gundagardi, overcrowding, horrendous traffic, crumbling structures, unsanitary settlements, high rates of electricity, water crisis, lack of jobs - all this has left Kolkata completely worn out.

Our beloved city is in desperate need of her citizens to stand up and speak up for her. Issues that Kolkatans are facing every day needs a platform and a citizen movement behind it to force the authorities to resolve these issues on priority.

Together, we can help the city Revive, Restart, Reboot.