What We Do

What We Do

At Reboot Kolkata, we are building a community of engaged and active citizens of Kolkata who will speak up for Kolkata and its civic issues, advocate for its development and build a collective Kolkata consciousness about the city's governance, culture, environment and heritage. In order to do this, we are focused on 3 main things:

  • Informing the citizens of Kolkata about its issues consistently through the channels that the citizens use
  • Building a community of Kolkatans who want to help set the agenda for Kolkata's progress through consultations, discussions and the drafting of a citizen manifesto.
  • Engage a group of committed citizens who want to help rally for the citizen's manifesto to become a priority for the authorities.

‘Adda’ is the absolute buzz word for Bengalis. A Kolkatans evening without a cup of tea and discussion around political or cultural topics is beyond imagination, be it in office, or at home. We bring you the essence of the same addas in the form of webinars, where eminent personalities share their expertise and knowledge on the topic of the day in an interactive session where common citizens connect with our guests.

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